Important Race Info

Before the Race

Please advise your team members where they should look for you at the Empire State Plaza on the evening of the event. This will be your self-designated meeting place for distributing bibs before the race, as well as gathering after the race. A schematic of the Plaza (click here to view) will help you identify a meeting place for your team. Please keep in mind that tents will be along BOTH sides of the first and second reflecting pools.

Race Evening

  1. Bring team signs or banners to help your team locate you on the Plaza amidst the crowd.
  2. Announcements will be made throughout the evening. Be sure to listen for any last-minute changes.
  3. Remind your team members to pick up their event T-shirts either before or after the race.
  4. Split times will be given at each mile.
  5. There will be no scoring on the night of the event. See the Scoring and Awards link on the left for more information.