This Hudson-Mohawk Road Runners Club event is timed by ARE Event Productions using the ChronoTrack B-Tag (a thin sticker that is to remain on the back of the bib). All participants will receive a bib that has their name on the back of the bib on that sticker. Please confirm that each participant receives the correct bib with his/her name on it. The bib is to be worn on the FRONT OUTERMOST layer with the bib number visible (i.e., on the front of the person’s T-shirt).

The race features timing equipment that ensures that a person’s time will not officially begin until he/she crosses the actual start line. Accordingly, the time on the clocks at the finish line will not be representative of the true running time for anyone not starting on that front line. The recorded results will take this into account.

Team Scoring: How It Works

When the race is over, the event will run a script that automatically assigns all individuals on each company to a team. It will do so as follows:

  • 'Male A' Team Top 4 male
  • 'Female A' Team Top 4 female
  • 'Co-ed A' Team The next 2 men and the next 2 women

This process repeats until it can no longer fill teams.

Once that is done, the system will be activated for you to log in. Please note that you can:

  • Unassign ALL of the default teams created by that initial automated process (so there is no need to be worried about the automated system not creating optimal teams based upon your participants)
  • Completely make your own custom teams using the dropdowns
  • Decide to create a few custom teams and then hit a button for it to automatically create all of your remaining teams (anyone not placed on a team will be placed on one using the algorithm above)

At about 10:00 p.m. on Friday, May 19, final team scores will be released for all companies in the event.


During Team Packet Pick-Up on May 17 or prior to the race on May 18, the following awards will be handed out to the team captains:

  • Largest Participation Awards will be presented to the teams with the most registered participants in five categories:
    • Private corporation or organization
    • Public corporation or organization
    • Not-for-Profit corporation or organization
    • Government agency or division
    • Educational organization
  • T-Shirt Contest Awards will be presented to the teams submitting the top two T-shirt entries in four categories.

After the race, at 7:00 p.m. on the stage at the finish line, awards will be presented to:

  • First Overall Male
  • First Overall Female

The week after the race, the following awards will be presented:

  • Team Awards for the top ten teams in each of the three categories (Males, Females, Co-ed) will be mailed to the team captain after results are verified.
  • First Overall Male CEO
  • First Overall Female CEO
  • First Overall Male Government Department Chief
  • First Overall Female Government Department Chief

Any questions or discrepancies regarding the event should be addressed to Please be sure to include your name, a description of the problem, and a telephone number for contact in the event we have additional questions.